From Screenplay to Film… With Life In Between

Film-Making-Equipment-List1Taking the mystique out of writing film or (living on a boat for that matter.)

I left Reno to move to Florida on our boat in August of this year.  It was years in the making for me.  I knew once my daughter was leaving for college, I’d be leaving Reno; my home for the past 25 years.

I’d be moving back East, although I didn’t have a place or location in mind, until I met Rich.  He had always dreamed of living on a boat, and after six months of research into the type of boat we wanted, many days of positive affirmations,  Valhalla was ours in October. Florida would be the place we would harbor our new vessel.

It wasn’t easy, however.

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Leap and the Net Will Appear: Part II | My Bento Box Life: Out of the Box, Into Life!

10,000 miles in seven weeks has brought me to my new life.  Leaving our 3,700 square foot home to our new 45-foot boat in Florida brings many unexpected challenges and joy.  Giving up the safety-net…

Source: Leap and the Net Will Appear: Part II | My Bento Box Life: Out of the Box, Into Life!

It Took Alaska…


Research for Angel of the Forty Mile won Nevada Arts Council 2016 Jackpot Grant

I don’t regret going to Alaska.  It taught me so much about my intuition and those that suffer from mental illness. I feel this journey only made me a better writer exploring the human experience.

Signs Like a Totem Pole

The plane landed in Anchorage without delay.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first views of Alaska after researching it for the past five months.  Green, lush pine groves, tall snow laden mountains and large blue skies would be the backdrop to my first feature film.

Krystal had already grabbed her backpack and was bubbling over with anticipation and a little apprehension.  Would this be the same Alaska she knew 25 years ago?  I was to write her life story, a feature film about the events that led her back to the man who broke her heart so many years ago and the woman she had now become.

It was a story of survival and redemption.  I was excited that this movie could launch her career as a Life Coach.  Little did I know that this trip would be a shocking discovery of broken dreams, harsh realities and a tattered soul.

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